There are some things you should keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress. We have compiled some of our top tips to consider before making your bridal gown appointment.



When it comes to finding “the one,” timing is essential. With many couples opting for longer engagements this does not mean you need to start shopping for your dress straight away. Take time to enjoy your engagement until 12 months out then start booking your bridal appointments. The most ideal time to shop and purchase your wedding gown is 9 to 12 months out from your wedding date. Keep in mind if you have less than the advised 9 to 12 months we can most certainly find you a dress that you love without the ordering time! Contact us to find out more.

It’s important to have the rest of your wedding details in place before choosing your gown, since many factors can influence the style of the dress like your venue, ceremony time and time or year.



We understand it’s the most important dress you’ll ever wear, and you want it to be absolutely perfect. But having 6 different opinions makes it extremely hard to make a decision—rather it can bring you farther away from what you actually want. We have always been a believer that the most a bride should ever bring when dress shopping is two to three people. Most brides do best with just their mum and maybe a sister or best friend.



Don’t rule out anything at first glance, if our salesperson brings you something they say you should try, try it—even if you don’t initially love it or think it’s entirely “you.” It’s possible to fall for a wedding gown you didn’t think you’d like or want. Not every dress looks great on a hanger, so let go of any preconceived notions and keep an open mind.



If you have ever watched ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ (TV show, not reality), you’ve undoubtedly seen a bride who’s tried 50+ dresses without finding the one. Most brides try on four to six gowns at their chosen boutiques and shouldn’t try on any more as it leads to confusion and can be overwhelming for the bride. It is recommended you only try on dresses you can truly see as being ‘the one’ or takes you eye.

Usually the bride makes her best decision on the first day she goes shopping as you are most enthusiastic and excited at this time. Doing so will result in an extremely enjoyable shopping experience and easy selection process.